EA's Madden 21 Ultimate Team was getting lots of fresh content

EA's Madden 21 Ultimate Team was getting lots of fresh content


With many people on a Mut 21 coins holiday break, EA's Madden 21 Ultimate Team was getting lots of fresh content. By Christmas Day and over the weekend, there were new Legendsout of Position, and Ghosts participant items. On Monday, December 28, more Madden 21 Zero Chill content came as a set of Ghost Pack Masters and OOP player cards dropped.

Last night, we showed the teaser of what was to emerge today, as Madden 21 Zero Chill promo revealed a Ghosts of Madden Tre'Davious White card. Monday brought two more players alongside the Bills defensive celebrity. One of them is Ghosts of Madden Past Junior Seau using a fresh 96 OVR card. Characteristics with this one include 96 Tackling, 96 Power Moves, 96 Block Shedding, 94 Play Recognition, and 90 Speed. This card obviously outdoes his previous 91 OVR Legends item.

Another new card is a Ghosts of Madden Future for New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. It is a 94 OVR thing for Jones including 94 Twist Power, 93 Throw on the Run, 92 Play Action, 92 Throw Accuracy Short, and 89 Speed. Here's a peek at three of those newest cards revealed on Monday: The aforementioned Ghost Pack Specialists are available through packs at the Shop, or can be run on or bought at the Madden Auction House.

On Sunday, we showed out of Position Master Jamal Adams, with the Seahawks' security moving to the right outside linebacker spot. Along with his newest 95 OVR OOP card, there were several other players that came through on Monday. They include Quenton Nelson moving in the centre to halfback and Eagles QB Jalen Hurts moving to halfback.

Patrick Ricard gets a new card at defensive tackle with a 90 OVR rating, while Alejandro Villanueva is now play tight end. Villanueva's card is an 87 OVR accessible Ultimate Team. Gamers can put together a set of cards to acquire the Master Jamal Adams item. The market set comprises one Nelson, two Ricard, four Villanueva, and six Hurts cards. These brand new OOP player things combine previously-released items for buy Madden 21 coins celebrities such as Ladanian Tomlinson, Deion Sanders, and Calvin Johnson.