I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen

I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen


I mean, in New Leaf we did not even get pumpkin items, besides the wearable hats and the jack-in-the-box! I am really glad whenever we get these upgrades, it is really cool to see these things getting back and with all the New Horizons treatment. I can't wait to see what we're gonna receive in March to Animal Crossing Bells get Mario items!

I think two of my greatest disappointments could be my library and my kitchen. To start with they're way smaller than in New Leaf, so I can not do too much. And then there is a lack of things. In New Leaf I had plenty of food-like things to decorate my kitchen although to be honest they're from the Welcome Amiibo upgrade.

Yeah like I certainly have a lot nice to say about New Horizons, and the games IMO certainly move the series forward in some meaningful ways. The 3DS assets definitely wouldn't look nice just being plopped into New Horizons since they are (even those at Pocket Camp would probably require some touching up). I'm not planning to say it is the same as the entire Dexit scenario, but I do think at times New Horizons could have benefitted from a bit more polish before launch.

Ultimately it isn't the worst thing really; the game remains fun for me and the updates are getting closer and closer to having feature parity with New Leaf. There is lots of small things here and there which I really miss from New Leaf (like for example; Fireworks reveals raffle has adorable new fireworks items, but they did not bother bringing back the cute Showa-era Nintendo toy furniture in New Leaf) but as a whole it is definitely still a good game.

For me, my most desired features are the return of old furniture. I know that takes time to touch them up and look presentable in HD, and I truly hope that it eventually occurs. As nice as the things in New Horizons look, I feel sometimes as they wanted everything to look like a model home; scrutinizing in New Leaf felt much more personal and real and a bit less like building a set for an Ikea catalogue. To each their own, of course, but I hardly think it'd be a poor thing to have all the variety of past titles with the nice new ideas in New Leaf.

I haven't managed to play regularly at all because I got a brand new job about two weeks ago, even before that I significantly slowed, mainly because of playing different games. Stay at home scenarios have likely had a buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells big influence on the number of individuals feeling tired with the sport, yeah.